Breaking New Ground in

the Treatment of Fibrosis.

Breakthroughs in targeted integrin therapies are on the horizon.

At Pliant, our commitment is to bring hope to patients with fibrosis through the discovery and development of breakthrough therapies for fibrotic diseases.

Our focus is to better understand the molecular drivers of fibrotic diseases and therefore unlock potentially safer and more effective therapies for patients.

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Our Science

Our Pipeline

Our highly experienced team of fibrosis and drug development experts are claiming new territory in tissue-specific therapies. Pliant’s broad pipeline includes two clinical stage programs, including the first clinical stage, oral, selective small molecule integrin inhibitor.

Our Patients

Pliant's approach has the potential to significantly advance the treatment of fibrosis. We cannot succeed on this journey without you. Learn how to participate in our patient registry and clinical trials for patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). Our Patients
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